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Foster Care Transition Toolkit Guide

(Created by the U.S. Department of Education) What does this toolkit offer?

This toolkit serves to inspire and support youth currently in foster care and young adults who have aged out of care to pursue college and career opportunities. As students prepare to transition to adult life in today’s economy, it’s important to be prepared to independently make decisions, advocate for personal needs, manage financial or health concerns as well as secure housing and transportation. These systems are difficult to navigate alone. Recognizing that these systems may be challenging and that the transition from foster care can be confusing, this toolkit includes tips and resources to help youth and young adults tackle social, emotional, educational, skills and resource barriers.

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit was developed with two audiences in mind. First and foremost, this toolkit is intended to help youth currently in foster care and young adults formerly in foster care access the information and resources needed to begin their transition to young adulthood.

Second, this toolkit can be a resource for caring and supportive adults, such as:

  • Kinship guardians and other relative caregivers;

  • Foster and adoptive parents;

  • Guardians ad litem and court appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteers;

  • Social workers; and

  • School administrators, teachers, counselors, and other support personnel.

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