Welcome to Political Science at FRC!

About the Program

Students in this program explore politics, policy-making, governance at the domestic and international levels.

Political science students at FRC enjoy small class sizes and individualized assistance from the program faculty. The program highlights active student learning and civic engagement. Students participate in activities such as Constitution Day, proposition forums, election parties, research presentation, campus event planning, and community outreach. In these courses students will build their writing, oral communication and critical thinking skills, and develop a sense of civic responsibility.

Thinking about Majoring in Political Science? 

  • Talk with an advisors and professors about your academic and career plans. 
  • Investigate transfer options. Look at the transfer institution's requirements for the major. These may include specialized “tracks” or “concentrations” within political science, such as pre-law, public administration, international studies, political economy, security studies, or area studies focusing on specific regions.
  • When looking at transfer institutions, consider those with programs for studying or working abroad. This is an important way to increase your knowledge about other cultures and political systems and potentially strengthen your foreign language skills.
  • Consider a minor or double-major in a related social science or humanities discipline (history, philosophy, economics, or sociology), or interdisciplinary fields like environmental and sustainability studies, gender studies, health policy, urban planning, or race and ethnicity studies. Languages are also great minors! 
  • Don't forget the importance of statistics! Studying quantitative research methods like statistics can help strengthen your analytical skills.
  • Consider an internship or service learning project. These can enhance your undergraduate education not only by helping you to develop career skills, but also teaching you to participate in public life as a career, volunteer, and citizen.