Dr. Kristen Alexander

Math/Physics Instructor

Terry Baumgartner

Head Baseball Coach, HES Instructor

Arturo "Artie" Cairel

Interim Head Soccer Coach, HES Instructor

Susannah Campbell

Equine Studies/AG Instructor

Dr. Emily Caudill

MATH Instructor

Dr. Chris Connell

English Instructor

Dr. Darla DeRuiter

Environmental Studies and ORL Instructor

Dr. Katie Desmond

Political Science, Sociology Instructor

Expertise International Relations; Comparative Politics; Globalization & Developme...

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Dr. Becky Easley

MATH Instructor

Dana Flett

Environmental Studies/ORL Instructor

Saylor Flett

ORL Instructor

Nick Goulet

Head Football Coach, HES Instructor

Dr. Nikki Grose

English Instructor

Dr. Tom Heaney

History Instructor

Kathryn Henninger

Administrative Assistant - Instruction

Keshawn Johnson

Women's Basketball Coach/COLL and HES Instructor

Rick Leonhardt


Degrees M.S. Finance, Golden Gate University;B.S. Business Administration, California ...

Dr. Derek Lerch

Dean of Instruction/CIO

After receiving his B.A. in Geophysics from University of California, Berkeley, Derek w...

Dr. Will Lombardi

English Instructor

Expertise Composition; Ecocriticism; Literature of the U.S. West; California Literatur...

Chuck Mills

Equine Studies Instructor

Nancy Moore

Allied Health/Nursing Instructor

Lisa Noia

Class Scheduling - Instruction

Darlene Oertle

Allied Health Director

Josh Olivera

ART Instructor

Monica Potter

EOPS Counselor, LPCC, CRC

Monica Potter comes from the San Joaquin Delta area where she worked as a college couns...

Russell Reid

AG/EQS Department Chair/Equine Studies Instructor

Randy Rick

Head Men's Basketball/HES Instructor

Merle Rusky

ECE Instructor

Darryl Swarm

Library Director

J.P. Tanner

AG Instructor

Anna Thompson

Biology Instructor

Expertise Plant Biology, Plant Paleobotany, Microbiology, Animal Biology, Cell and Mol...

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Bridget Tracy

Environmental Studies/Earth Sciences Instructor

Tess Turk

Rodeo Coach/Equine Studies Instructor

Elisa Adler

ENGL Instructor

Crystal Anderson

Instructional Assistant/AGEQ Instructor

Marco Aragon

Assistant Softball Coach/COLL Instructor

Meredith Aragon

Head Softball Coach/HES Instructor

Gene Allen Armstrong

AGEQ Instructor

Nolan Atkins

Assistant Baseball Coach/COLL Instructor

Gretchen Baumgartner

Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar/ MATH Instructor for ISP

  I wander, but am never lost.  Just buy me some peanuts and cracker jac...

Kim Beaton

ADMJ ISP Instructor

Ashley Blesse

NURS Instructor

Carrin Blythe

ENGL Instructor

James Boffenmyer

MATH Instructor - Online

Evelyn Braz

SOC Instructor for ISP

Jeff Bryan

THEA Instructor

Greg Cameron

ADMJ Instructor, President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Lisianna Chilcott

ENGL Instructor for ISP

Sean Conry

NCA Instructor

Jason Damron

ART Instructor

Amber Donnelly

NURS Instructor

Sally Donovan

ART Instructor

Sara Frigo

ECE Instructor

Adam Fuller

Instructional Assistant/ENVR Instructor/Hatchery

Caitlin Gannon

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Juan Carlos Garcia

GEOG Instructor

Jason Gay

Assistant Baseball Coach/HES Instructor

Vincent Gill

HIST Instructor

Michael Giuffrida

ENGL Instructor for ISP

Linda Hale

ART Instructor

Sean Harris

BUS Instructor

Michael Hatfield

Assistant Football Coach/PSY Instructor

Ryan Heimlick

MUSIC Instructor - Online

Jermaine Hill

Assistant Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Kinderlin Hoznour

CDC Director/ECE Instructor

Chuck James

ANTH Instructor

Joan Jarrett

Instructional Assistant-IRC/ENGL Instructor

Darrel Jury

ENVR/ORL Instructor

Katie King

PSY Instructor

Devin Allen Kutil

SOC ISP Instructor

Andrew Lavin

PHIL Online Instructor

Jessie Mazar

ENVR Instructor

Greg McCarthy

Academic/Athletic Advisor

Jaime Messerli

AGEQ Instructor

John Moore

ANTH Instructor

Tanya Morgan

AG Instructor

Shelley Morrison

ECE Instructor

Juan Nunez

Athletic Trainer/HES Instructor

Torri Michaela Parman

COLL Instructor

Lauren Pearson

AGEQ Instructor

Michelle Petroelje

Director SSSP/BIOL Instructor

Cydney Piper

ADMJ Instructor

Anna Poldervaart

AG Instructor

Jachin Reilley

Software Support Specialist/ICT Instructor

Jose Rico

MATH Instructor for ISP

Sarah Ritchie

Head Volleyball Coach/ Student Housing Manager/ HES Instructor

Shauna Schultz

HES/HLTH Instructor

Sue Schultz

NCA Instructor

Carolyn June Shipp

BUS Instructor

Dan Smith

BIOL Instructor

Andy Sparano

Assistant Football Coach/HES Instructor

Kyle Stone

COLL Instructor

Carlos Suarez

Head Track Coach/ HES Instructor/ Assistant Dorm Manager

Stacey Svilich

HIST Instructor, Student Success Specialist

Ryan Thoni

ENVR Instructor

Merle Trueblood

Director of Athletics Operations and Events/HES Instructor

Visit the Official Website of FRC Athletics Merle Trueblood was first hired in 1...

Dr. Paul Vaughn

POL Instructor

Expertise American Politics; U.S. Foreign Policy; Public Policy; Social Movements; Int...

Mitch Walterson

MATH/PHYS Instructor

Ed Ward

EMT Instructor

Anthony Warndorf

Maintenance Specialist III/HES Instructor

Matt Warren

PHIL Instructor, VP President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Joe Willis

ENGL Instructor