Terry Baumgartner

Head Baseball Coach, HES Instructor

Arturo "Artie" Cairel

Interim Head Soccer Coach, HES Instructor

Dr. Darla DeRuiter

Environmental Studies and ORL Instructor

Nick Goulet

Head Football Coach, HES Instructor

Bryon Hughes

Class Scheduling and Information Specialist/Instruction

Virginia Jaquez

Administrative Assistant/Instruction

Russell Reid

AG/EQS Department Chair/Equine Studies Instructor

Randy Rick

Head Men's Basketball/HES Instructor

Brent Stephens

Head Women's Basketball Coach, HES Instructor

Rick Stock

Outdoor Recreational Leadership Instructor

Bridget Tracy

Environmental Studies/Earth Sciences Instructor

Crystal Anderson

Instructional Assistant/AGEQ Instructor

Marco Aragon

Assistant Softball Coach/COLL Instructor

Meredith Aragon

Head Softball Coach/HES Instructor

Nolan Atkins

Assistant Baseball Coach/COLL Instructor

Gretchen Baumgartner

Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar/ MATH Instructor for ISP

James Boffenmyer

MATH Instructor - Online

Evelyn Braz

SOC Instructor for ISP

Greg Cameron

ADMJ Instructor, President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Lisianna Chilcott

ENGL Instructor for ISP

Adam Fuller

Instructional Assistant/ENVR Instructor/Hatchery

Caitlin Gannon

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Jason Gay

Assistant Baseball Coach/HES Instructor

Michael Giuffrida

ENGL Instructor for ISP

Jamel Hamler

Assistant Football Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Michael Hatfield

Assistant Football Coach/PSY Instructor

Jason Hawkins

Assistant Baseball Coach/COLL Instructor

Ryan Heimlick

MUSIC Instructor - Online

Jermaine Hill

Assistant Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Joan Jarrett

Instructional Assistant-IRC/ENGL Instructor

Keshawn Johnson

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/COLL and HES Instructor

Andrew Lavin

PHIL Online Instructor

Juan Nunez

Athletic Trainer/HES Instructor

Jachin Reilley

Software Support Specialist/ICT Instructor

Jose Rico

MATH Instructor for ISP

Sarah Ritchie

Head Volleyball Coach/ Student Housing Manager/ HES Instructor

Shauna Schultz

HES/HLTH Instructor

Dan Smith

BIOL Instructor

Danielle Smith

Assistant Soccer Coach/HES Instructor

Andy Sparano

Assistant Football Coach/HES Instructor

Carlos Suarez

Head Track Coach/ HES Instructor/ Assistant Dorm Manager

Stacey Svilich

HIST Instructor, Student Success Specialist

Merle Trueblood

Director of Athletics Operations and Events/HES Instructor

Tara Usko

Assistant Volleyball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Anthony Warndorf

Maintenance Specialist III/HES Instructor

Matt Warren

PHIL Instructor, VP President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit