Welcome to Sociology at FRC!

FRC offers an Associate of Arts-Transfer degree in Sociology for students interested in transferring to a CSU sociology major. The degree is also well suited for students intending to pursue a degree or career in the social sciences or social work. Courses in sociology also fulfill general education and IGETC course requirements.

Sociology is a broad discipline and includes medical sociology, social psychology, criminology, family studies, social problems, deviance, disabilities, peace studies, and child development. The major will prepare students for an advanced degree, professional certificates, and for a broad range of career options. A number of careers are open to sociology majors including social service, social work, law, education, counseling, criminal justice, business, research, government, and communication.Students in these classes will build their communication and critical thinking skills. These classes emphasize active, project-based learning.

SOC100 Sex, Gender, & Society

CSU (D0, D4), UC, IGETC (4D, 4F)

SOC102 Introduction to Sociology

CSU (D0), UC, IGETC (4J)

SOC110 Introduction to Marriage & Family


SOC140 Introduction to Race & Ethnicity

CSU (D3, D8), UC, IGETC (4C, 4H)

SOC150 Social Trends & Problems

CSU (D0), UC

SOC160 Globalization

CSU (D0, D7), UC, IGETC (4G, 4J)