The study of history demonstrates that, as individuals and as a community, we cannot hope to comprehend the present and prepare for the future without an understanding of the past. Knowledge of the past provides students with a sense of the people, ideas, forces, and institutions that shaped the condition of our contemporary world. The study of history can lead to professional work as a teacher, government or private agency historian, or museum curator. Additionally, historical study produces a student capable of performing a variety of jobs where knowledge and intellect are in demand and in which organizational skills and critical thinking are required, and can be particularly used to students pursuing a career in politics or law. (History majors should check the degree requirements of the university to which they intend to transfer and should meet with an academic adviser to construct an academic plan. History majors intending to transfer to CSU Chico are strongly encouraged to take the World history survey series which they require of history majors.) Feather River College offers two degrees in History. The first is a more general degree that can be completed by students who are not planning to transfer to a four-year university, and the second is a transfer degree for students anticipating transfer to a California State University.

For more information, contact Dr. Tom Heaney at (530) 283-0202, ext. 314.