Career and Technical Education

Welcome to Feather River College’s Career and Technical Education Program. CTE is an academic program that aims to get students work experience and teach technical skills that will help students get hired as soon as they graduate. CTE is a combination of practical project based learning and academic topics that relate to the industry area the student is interested in. When a student follows a CTE pathway, they graduate with a vocational certificate or degree and a wealth of hands-on experience that makes them ready to start working right out of the gates.

Feather River College offers a variety of CTE programs and pathways. Take a look around for more information or contact the CTE Transitions Director, Carolyn Shipp at (530)283-0202 ext. 265.

CTE programs

Why CTE?

There is a current crisis in the workforce. In a rare moment in our country’s history, there are more unfilled jobs than unemployed workers. The reason those jobs are going unfilled is because employers are desperate for workers with specific skills. Skilled laborers are people who have a specialized skill set, like nurses or chefs. Employers are not necessarily looking for educational degrees from their workers, all they want are the skill sets. That is why research shows that 64% if jobs available between 2015 and 2025 will only require an Associate’s Degree or less.

There is also a financial benefit to following a CTE route in your education. Students with a CTE related Associates Degree out-earn other Associates Degree students by up to $19,000 a year, and can out earn bachelor’s degree students by up to $11,000 a year.


Choose FRC for your Career and Technical Education

  • FRC is well known for its hands-on class work and collaboration with employers and businesses
  • FRC has resources to help CTE students get the experience they need.
    • Work-based learning opportunities and internships
    • Vocational Certificates
    • Real life problem solving and learning opportunities

Examples of CTE Programs At FRC

The following FRC Departments offer CTE certificates or degree programs FRC Departments

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Aquaculture
  • Graphic Design
  • Culinary Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Equine and Ranch Management
  • Outdoor Recreation Leadership
  • Environmental Studies
  • …and more!

Internship Opportunities

Along with offering technical degrees that offer hands on experience, FRC also coordinates student internships within the community. Students can participate in BUS 171, a CSU transferable class, to receive credit for internship or work based learning opportunities in their preferred industry sector.

Examples of Past Internships

  • U.S Forest Service
  • Plumas Bank
  • Plumas District Hospital
  • Feather River Land Trust
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Plumas County District Attorney’s Office

Click here for Information on the summer internship with the U.S. Forest Service

Click here to fill out an internship interest form

Contact CTE Transitions Director Carolyn Shipp at (530)283-0202 ext. 265 or email at with any questions.