Studio Arts at Feather River College

2024 Student Art Exhibition coming up May 1st - May 17th at participating downtown Quincy art galleries. Learn more about the event here!

Students at Feather River College receive close mentorship level guidance from faculty. The studio groups are small and meet in open flexible use studios. These spaces ease conversations between students engaged in various studio practices and foster inter-disciplinary possibilities. Feather River College and the Studio Arts are part of an accessible, beautiful California mountain landscape that encourage students to get immersed in creativity with little distraction. 

Students receive close mentorship level guidance from faculty, creating meaningful relationships between instructors and other students. The studio groups are small and meet in open, flexible-use studios. These spaces ease students into their artwork and allow students to ask questions and offer suggestions in comfortable formats. The studio itself is part of stunning California mountain landscape that encourages students to get immersed in creativity with little distraction. As most students will tell you, their journey through Studio Arts at FRC is one of their best experiences of their lives!

Featured Art Project

3 Dimensional Art Select Projects, On-Site Culminating Exhibit

Rilee McAdams and Debbie Corsino exhibited their projects on-site as part of the course objectives to engage students in thinking about contexts for their art and contemporary professional strategies for engaging audience and community: discrete sculpture, installation art, site art, ephemeral art, etc. Rilee and Debbie are both in the last few semesters of completing their art degrees. 

Fellow Feather River College Faculty from other programs, family and friends came out, took in the art, shared a campfire and cider. 

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