Hatchery Courses 

FRC Wild Trout Fish Hatchery

If you wish to schedule a tour or purchase fish raised at our hatchery (see below for more info) you can contact the hatchery director Adam Fuller by email (afuller@frc.edu) or by phone at (530)283-0202 x 224.

The hatchery was conceived in 1982 by Jay Wright, to provide practical hands-on experience in fisheries for the students of Feather River College. Students learn fishery and hatchery techniques by gaining experience in tasks necessary to run an aquaculture facility.

What Happens At The Hatchery?

The hatchery is capable of raising trout from egg to trophy size, as well as raising a variety of aquarium fishes. The maximum capacity for the hatchery is approximately 30,000 pounds of mature trout each year, plus approximately two dozen fresh and saltwater aquariums.


Trout are raised in the lower hatchery building, which contains a recirculating aquaculture system that allows us to raise the trout while using much less water. When eggs arrive here they are placed in incubators called heath trays. These trays simulate the dark, well oxygenated environment that trout eggs experience in the wild in the gravel at the bottom of streams. They hatch anywhere from 21 to 59 days after being laid depending on water temperature.

The newly hatched fish are called alevins or fry. These are raised to a length of three inches in raceways that replicate the environment in a small stream. Once reaching three inches the fish are called fingerlings. At this point they are placed in circular tanks and reared until they reach stocking size. Three exterior ponds provide more space for housing large fish.

Our trout (both adults and fingerlings) are stocked local ponds and lakes. Our hatchery truck's insulated tank has built-in aeration and an attached oxygen tank, allowing us to keep the trout cold and healthy while moving them to their new homes.


The hatchery raises funds through the sale of the fish we produce. However, we are always improving the facility and upgrading outdated equipment. That is where grants from organizations like Kokanee PowerProject Kokanee, the Dean Witter Foundation, Plumas County Fish & Game Commission, the Feather River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, The Arp Family Foundation, and others come into play. These organizations provide us with the necessary funding to make needed improvements. We would like to extend our gratitude to these groups and encourage you to visit their websites.

Sturgeon in Outdoor Ponds

Sturgeon in Outdoor Ponds

Eight Year Old Rainbow Trout

Eight Year Old Rainbow Trout

Growing Lettuce In Aquaponic System

Growing Lettuce In Aquaponic System

Fish To Purchase

Note: Permits are needed to purchase trout and bass. 


Fingerling trout (2 inches) are now available at a price of $1 per fish.

We also offer shipping from Mt. Lassen Trout Farm http://www.mtlassentrout.com/ or other nearby suppliers at a rate of $1.50/mile for the total driving distance.

Aquarium Fish and Plants:

Freshwater angelfish, pricing based on size.
White Cloud minnows: $1.50 each
Aquatic plants of various types
Live Rock: $7/lb
Base Rock: $4/lb


Fingerling bass (2-4 inches) now available for a price of $3.50 per fish

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