Environmental Studies Faculty

Darla DeRuiter - Program Director

(530) 283-0202 ext. 262, dderuiter@frc.edu

Darla DeRuiterEducation

  • Ph.D. Colorado State University, Human Dimensions of Wildlife
  • M.S. Colorado State University, Natural Resource Recreation
  • B.Env.D.  University of Colorado-Boulder, Environmental Design

Teaching Interests

Natural History, Wildlife, Environmental Policy, Current Environmental Issues, Outdoor Activities Courses, Recreation Program Planning

Darla DeRuiter has a split position at Feather River College, teaching in both the Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Environmental Studies programs. Darla moved to Quincy during the summer of 2004 with her husband Darrel Jury after living for more than 30 years in Colorado. She taught for 7 years at Western Colorado University in Gunnison, where she spent time as department chair for the Kinesiology & Recreation Department, and was instrumental in initiating the Environmental Studies major. She has worked for Colorado State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service, and Wilderness Education Association, and is serves on the boards of Friends of Plumas Wilderness, Plumas Audubon Society, FRC Sustainability Action Team, and Plumas Earth Days Committee. Darla and Darrel enjoy hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, backcountry skiing, rafting, mountain biking, yoga and naturalist studies. 

Bridget Tracy

(530)283-0202 ext. 308, btracy@frc.edu


  • M.S. University of California Davis, Hydrologic Sciences
  • B.S. University of California Berkeley, Forestry and Natural Resource Management

Teaching Interests

 Forestry, Soils, Geology, Geography, Environmental Science

Bridget Tracy has a split position, teaching earth science as well and environmental studies courses. She started on the faculty at Feather River College in 2012, after finishing her graduate degree, working with the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis. Bridget has worked for many years teaching summer courses for UC Berkeley about Sierra Nevada ecology and forest management in Plumas County, which has given her lots of experience working with local resources and resource professionals. She has also worked for the National Park Service, the Marin Municipal Water District, and various research labs at UC Berkeley. She is delighted to be living and working in the Northern Sierra.

Hatchery Director

Adam Fuller

(530)283-0202 ext. 224, afullerzparks@frc.edu

Adam FullerEducation

  • Ph.D.  University of Alabama, Biology
  • M.S.  Northeastern University, Marine Biology
  • B.S.  University of Tennessee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Teaching Interests

Aquaculture, Aquatic biology, Animal behavior, Ecology

Adam Fuller has a split position at Feather River College, teaching in the Environmental studies program and managing the fish hatchery. Adam arrived at FRC in 2015 after completing his Ph.D. research on the social interactions of fishes.  He has maintained a wide variety of temperate and tropical fish species in captivity, and has studied aquatic biology in a variety of habitats including the streams and swamps of the southeastern United States, coastal California and Massachussets, Central American lakes, and the tropical South Pacific.

Associate Faculty

Darrel Jury


Darrel Jury


  • M.S. Colorado State University, Wildlands Management
  • B.S. Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Landscape Architecture

Teaching Interests

Environmental Studies, Forest Management and Planning, Field Courses, Winter Ecology

Darrel believes in the teaching philosophy of "learning by doing." Whatever class you take with him, expect to spend time outdoors doing what you are learning about. His students built the interpretive trail on campus. Darrel has lots of experience working outdoors with federal land management agencies. He has worked for the National Park Service as a Hydrological Technician, with the Forest Service as a Biological Science Technician and Forestry Technician, and for the Bureau of Land Management as a Recreation Assistant. Currently Darrel is an active member of Plumas Wilderness, a non-profit working with our community and local stakeholders to identify potential wilderness areas. Before coming to FRC, Darrel was an Instructor and Director of the Environmental Studies program at Western State College of Colorado. He has also taught for the American Universities International Program in Belize and for the Wilderness Education Association in Baja California.

Terri Rust


Terri RustEducation

  • M.S. University of Hawaii, Chemical Oceanography
  • B.S. Duke University, Geology

Teaching Interests

Stream and Ecosystem Restoration, Native Plants

Terri moved to Plumas County in 2007 after spending 18 years in Hawaii running the Biogeochemical Stable Isotope Lab at the University of Hawaii. During her years as an oceanographic researcher, she traveled the world’s oceans, lived in an underwater habitat, and dove to the bottom of the ocean in a deep-diving submersible studying the source and fate of greenhouse gases. To enhance her knowledge of the ocean, she spent most of her free time diving, swimming, kayaking, and surfing. Having grown up near Yosemite National Park, the Sierra Nevada has always been a special place for Terri, and it was only natural that she ended up in Plumas County. Besides teaching a couple of courses at FRC, Terri works for the Pluams Corporation, a locally-based non-profit working to acheive stream and wetland restoration goals accross teh Sierra Nevada. She believes strongly in observing and listening to the land so that we may be better stewards of the planet.

Ryan Thoni



EducationRyan Thoni

  • Ph.D. Saint Louis University, Biology
  • B.S. Appalachian State University, Biology, Evironmental Biology, and Evolution
  • A.S. Feather River College, Environmental Studies

Teaching Interests

Wildlife, Fish, Environmental and Aquatic Sciences, Techniques in Field Biology


Ryan began teaching at Feather River College in the spring of 2017. Prior to this he was a PhD Student at Saint Louis University, where he studied the evolution, biodiversity, and biology of Himalayan fishes. He spent many months living in Bhutan, where he and Bhutanese collaborators conducted the first biological inventory of Bhutan’s rivers. His team has discovered and continues to discover several new species hidden in the Himalayas headwaters. He has done similar work in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Thailand, and Mexico. In addition to his international work, he has worked for the US Forest Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, University of Wisconsin, Appalachian State University, and other agencies on projects from forestry to fisheries. He is also an alumnus of Feather River College, from the class of 2005. In addition to teaching, Ryan enjoys fishing, backpacking, and juggling for the local circus.