Welcome to Political Science at FRC!

About the Program

Students in this program explore politics, policy-making, governance at the domestic and international levels.

Political science students at FRC enjoy small class sizes and individualized assistance from the program faculty. The program highlights active student learning and civic engagement. Students participate in activities such as Constitution Day, proposition forums, election parties, research presentation, campus event planning, and community outreach. In these courses students will build their writing, oral communication and critical thinking skills, and develop a sense of civic responsibility.

Transfer Information

The in-person and online courses prepare students for transfer into a political science or other social science or liberal arts degree program. These courses also fulfill many general education, CSU, UC and IGETC areas.

POL101 American Government & Politics (with a California government unit)

POL130 Introduction to International Relations

POL140 Introduction to Race & Ethnicity 

POL150 Introduction to Political Science 

POL160   Globalization 

CSU (D8), UC, IGETC (4H)

CSU (D8), UC, IGETC (4H)

CSU (D3, D8), UC, IGETC (4C, 4H)

Required for AA-T in POLS, FRC GE (Area D)

CSU (D0, D7), UC, IGETC (4G, 4J)

Contact Dr. Katie Desmond, (530)283-0202 ext. 202, or kdesmond@frc.edu for more information.