California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

(formally known as the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver prior to 2016)

The California College Promise Grant is available to "waive" the costs of California enrollment fees. Supported by the California Community Colleges, the California College Promise Grant is available to all qualifying students, regardless of how many units they are enrolled in. Student representative (coming fall 2020), health, and transit fees will not be paid by the CCPG.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the FAFSA or CADAA
    • students may not qualify for federal aid but still qualify for the CCPG
  2. Student (or student's family) is receiving TANF/AFDC, SSI or General Assistance.
    • Documentation to verify that the student (or student's family) is a current recipient of TANF/AFDC, SSI, or General Assistance is needed.
  3. The student meets specific income standards: 2019-2020 CCPG Income Standards
  4. The student is a dependent of a deceased or disabled Veteran and does not exceed income levels required.
    • This fee waiver is available through the local veterans affairs office.
  5. You are eligible as a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor or as a child of a recipient, or a dependent of a victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.
  1. The quickest and most efficient way to apply for the CCPG is to complete the FAFSA or CADAA. It is important that you enter FRC's federal school code 008597 as this is how we receive your application. Students who file the FAFSA or CADAA are automatically considered for the CCPG.
  2. If you are unable to complete a FAFSA or CADAA, you may apply for the CCPG by completing the 2019-2020 paper application. When completing the paper application, you must provide applicable tax information and other applicable documentation as noted on the application.
    • Note: paper applications take substantially longer to process than applying by means of the FAFSA or CADAA.
  3. If you are a student pursuing our new bachelor’s degree program you must complete and submit a FAFSA or CADAA in lieu of completing the California College Promise Grant application.

If you are eligible to receive the CCPG, it will automatically be applied to student accounts to "waive" enrollment fees. Unlike other forms of financial aid, the CCPG is designed to be awarded immediately for eligible students once the semester has started.

Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy at FRC to continue to receive the CCPG. If students fall below the SAP policy for two consecutive semesters, CCPG eligibility may be lost.

  • Academic - sustain 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Progress - maintain a 50% course completion rate
How to Regain Eligibility:
  1. Improve your GPA and/or Course Completion measures to meet the academic and progress standards
  2. Submit a SAP Appeal to be reviewed by our Appeals Committee
    • Appeals have to be approved to regain CCPG eligibility
  3. Do not attend your school district for two consecutive primary terms