Placement is an important step along the path to academic success.  It is the process of matching your educational and career goals to the appropriate courses and making sure you are academically prepared.  High school transcripts and other measures may be used.  No assessment test is needed!

Determine the best education program to reach your career goal

Feather River College offers several degree and certificate options. 

  • Certificate programs include job specific training without general education classes.  Many certificate programs do not require math or English and therefore assessment is not necessary.  Please check the FRC catalog for specific program requirements.
  • A local degree is a 2-year degree for someone who does not intend to transfer to a 4-year institution.  The general education requirements for a local degree include English 101, which is transfer level, and Math 015/018, which is one level below transfer.   The local degree general education requirements can be found here.
  • A transfer degree is for someone who plans to earn a bachelor’s degree.  In addition to English 101, it must include a transfer level math class.  Math 202 Elementary Statistics, Math 110 College Algebra or higher will fulfill this requirement. Students intending to transfer should follow the CSU, UNR or IGETC General Education pathways.  More information regarding CSU Degree with a Guarantee can be found here and UC transfer guarantee information found here.

Feather River College offers math and English classes one level below college level.  These classes can prepare a student for transfer level course work and depending on the educational goal, may be used to satisfy certificate or local degree requirements. 

Career assessments and information can be found at the Career Exploration page. Additional information regarding career employment and earnings can be found on the Academic Program pages.

Select a Math and English pathway based on your educational program

Feather River College offers two math pathways: Statistics for Liberal Arts and Social Science majors and College Algebra through Calculus for those interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Once you have figured out which math pathway suits your needs, you will need to determine at which level to enter the math pathway.

For students who have graduated from high school within the last 10 years

In compliance with AB 705, Feather River College uses multiple measures for course placement.  Advisors and Counselors use high school transcript data along with student’s education and career goal to determine math and English placement.

For students with a GED, no high school diploma or who graduated high school over 10 years ago

Assessment can be accomplished by completing guided self-placement with an Advisor or Counselor.  They will ask you questions about your comfort with material, discuss support options and may show you material from the math and English classes.  This will help you determine the best placement level.

For current high school students interested in co-enrollment

Students below 11th grade must have written permission from the Instructor to enroll in a class.  Students, who at the end of 11th grade, have a 2.6 or greater GPA may enroll in English 101 during their senior year.  High school coursework and performance can be used to determine math placement in any grade.

Meet with an Academic Advisor or Counselor

Make an appointment with an Advisor or Counselor by clicking here or calling the Advising Office at 530-283-0202 x313.  An Advisor or Counselor will review your high school transcripts, guided self-placement results or co-enrollment form and make recommendations for class placement.