Tutoring Program at FRC

Free Tutoring

Students in need of assistance should contact the tutoring coordinator at ext. 254 or visit the Instructional Resource Center to arrange for individual or group tutoring sessions. Signing up is a relatively simple process. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Complete some paperwork, including a schedule of when you are available to meet with a tutor.
  • Register for Tutor 003, a zero-unit class (no fees charged).

Do not wait until you are behind in your studies or struggling with a class – sign up now and watch your GPA improve.

The IRC also provides tutoring and assistance with papers in all subject areas or help with mathematics on a drop-in basis.


Need tutoring in a college subject?

FREE peer tutoring in virtually all subject areas is available to all FRC students.

Click here to request a tutor.

Want to provide tutoring to a fellow student?

The Instructional Resource Center has an ongoing need for peer tutors.  If you excel in a certain subject and would like to be paid ($11.00/hour) to help other students, contact the tutoring coordinator, at ext. 254 or visit the Instructional Resource Center. 

To Be A Tutor

Here is what you will need to do: