Year-End Student Survey
(previously Student Exit Survey)

Year-end student surveys have been around since 2010, though they used to be called Student Exit Survey.

Students' evaluation of their experiences at FRC are important to us and the responses are used in the college’s institutional planning. The survey is voluntary, and individual responses are anonymous. Students may volunteer their email addresses in order to enter a draw for prizes, and may also provide more personal information for later contact. (Neither the emails, nor the names or phone numbers are associated with the responses during data analysis.)

The survey consists of two sections, one inquires about the achievement of campus-wide student learning outcomes (CW-SLOs), and the second asks about satisfaction with various aspects and services of the college.

The chart below summarizes what students have said about achieving the seven CW-SLOs. It collapses multiple answers into two basic choices (feeling competent versus not-feeling competent), and underscores that FRC has a lot to do in many areas, yet most improvement is necessary in the domain of scientific and IT skills.

How Competent in... 8-Year Averages Bar Graph

In the second section of the survey, students may articulate their overall attitudes towards FRC as well as their contentment with specific services of the college. In general, they show quite a great amount of attachment to FRC, yet there are also enough negative evaluations and critical comments to spur action towards improvement.

Satisfaction Survey 2010-2015 Answers

In certain years, some questions were probing the satisfaction with FRC through agreement scales.The chart below shows the 2017 results.

Agreement with Three Statement Survey Chart

And here are two pie charts for those who wonder who are the students who gave these evaluations? Strangely, women are highly over-represented among those who answered. The other chart may not be so surprising: two-thirds of those who bothered filling in the questionnaire are determined to obtain either a degree or a certificate from FRC.


Thank you to all of you who have completed and/or will complete the survey!

More detailed survey findings can be downloaded from the links below: