Monitoring Research Involving Human Subjects for Data Collection & Analysis

Feather River College is committed to assuring that on-campus research does not involve risk to participants and follows good standards of data collection, data security, informed consent, and assurances of anonymity and confidentiality.

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) exists to screen research proposals. The Board convenes upon request and gives timely feedback to researchers. Membership includes:

  • CSSO/Dean of Students, or designee
  • Director of Human Resources, or designee
  • Director of Institutional Research, or designee
  • Up to two other members as needed for subject of research

The IRB will forward recommendations to the Superintendent/President for final approval.

External Research Requests

All external researchers must receive IRB approval prior to engaging in any data collection at FRC. Requesters must submit a completed form, which includes the following:

  • purpose of the research,
  • research questions or hypotheses to test,
  • methodology including data security and data collection,
  • data security, informed consent, and assurances of anonymity and confidentiality (as appropriate),
  • Timeline, and
  • IRB approval from home institution (if appropriate).

You may download the request form here.

Internal Research Requests

Most new internal research will be reviewed by the IRB with a recommendation to the Superintendent/President for final approval.

Internal research projects may benefit from advice from IRB members. However, long-standing established survey projects, which were originally developed and approved by other FRC shared-governance bodies, such as the Student Services Council, are generally exempt from IRB approval unless some radical changes were made to their questionnaire or methodology. Final approval rests with the Superintendent/President.

Internal research proposals are encouraged to submit information to the Director of Institutional Research to both receive feedback and determine if the request should go through the IRB. The IRB is also willing to convene solely to give advice on a proposal and contribute to the quality and integrity of the research.