Philosophy of Healthcare

Beliefs About Society

Health care is the right of every member of society. The health care system is one that is open for the members to accept or refuse. Nurses are accountable to themselves and to society for providing safe care.

Beliefs About Man

Man is a complex being with physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs. This complexity requires man to choose health care responsibly.

Man is capable of change regardless of the restrictions imposed by environmental and/or genetic influences. The capacity for change allows man to reach beyond basic physical needs.

Beliefs About Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are dynamic states. Rather than being the absence of disease, wellness is functioning at the highest level of a person’s being. Man is driven by human needs to reach the highest level on the health/wellness continuum.

Beliefs About Learning and Nursing Education

As professionals, nurses are involved in a lifelong learning process. The learning process is viewed as one that encourages active participation, self-awareness, and self-direction as a lifelong learner.

The nursing education process centers on the development of the student as an individual while utilizing past educational experience and various lifestyles. The Vocational Nurse is and important link in a nursing career delivering skilled nursing care to patients/clients in and out of the hospital setting.

Trends of the Health Care System

Health care systems are in a transformational stage. Our population is aging, medical costs are rising,and chronic diseases are on the rise. While there is an emphasis on prevention of disease and increased nutrition, those working in the healthcare field must be flexible, be able to use technology, and give care in a cost-efficient way.