FRC Print Center and Telephone Directory

The FRC Print Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


NAME                                         EXTENSION               TITLE         


Anderson, Crystal                               272                     Program Coordinator – Equine

Aragon, Marco                                    360                     Assistant Softball Coach

Aragon, Meredith                             401/294                  Head Softball Coach/Fitness Center Manager

Associate Faculty                               343                     Associate Faculty Voicemail

Atkins, Nolan                                      208                     Assistant Baseball Coach

Baumgartner, Gretchen                       285                     Director-Admissions and Records/Registrar

Baumgartner, Terry                            229                     Head Baseball Coach/ Faculty - HES

Bergum, Lori                                      242                     Administrative Assistant - Instruction

Beaton, Dr. Kim                                  361                     Assistant Dean of Instruction

Bomby, Holly                                      292                     Student Accounts Specialist

Boyd, Nick                                         259                     Director of Facilities

Campa, Valerie                                  274                     Program Coordinator -  Athletics                   

Campbell, Susannah                          261                     Equine Studies Instructor

Chinn, Benjamin                                 279                     Assistant Mens Basketball Coach

Cline, Tamara                                    231                     Purchasing Agent

Connell, Dr. Chris                               225                     English Instructor

Conry, Sean                                       359                     Food Services Manager/Culinary Instructor

Corsino, Debbie                                  243                     SSS Advisor

Crouch, Sarah                                    296                     Financial Aid Technician            

Desmond, Dr. Katie                            202                     Political Science & Sociology Instructor/LAS Division Chair

Dettman, Ryan                                   208                     Assistant Baseball Coach

Dimick, Sarah                                     318                     Director of DSPS/Workability III

Downey, Mark                                    206                     Desktop Support Specialist

Drybread, Krystal                                317                     Administrative Assistant – Student Support Services

Dvorak, Jon                                        362                     Forest Health & Fuels Coordinator

Easley, Dr. Rebecca                           358                     Mathematics Instructor

Ellingson, Erin                                    222                     Admissions and Records Technician

Flett, Dana                                         262                     Envr. Studies Instructor

Flett, Saylor                                        216                     Outdoor Recreation Leadership Instructor

Fuller, Dr. Adam                                 224                     Instructional Assistant-Environmental Studies

Fuller, Caryn                                      226                     Evening Library Assistant

Gannon, Caitlin                                  267                     Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Gay, Jason                                         209                     Assistant Baseball Coach/HES Instructor

Glib, Anita                                          363                     Financial Aid Technician

Goulet, Nick                                       326                     Head Football Coach

Grose, Dr. Nicole                                319                     English Instructor

Hall, Cindy                                         233                     Administrative Assistant/Executive Secretary

Hall, Hellen                                        307                     Administrative Assistant – Facilities/IT (I)            

Hamler,Tara                                       301                     Basic Needs Coordinator          

Harris, Sean                                       324                     Academic Advisor/Recruiter

Heaney, Dr. Thomas                           314                     History Instructor

Hoznour, Kinderlin                              281                     Director-Child Development Center

Jarrett, Joan                                       245                     Program Coordinator - IRC / AF-English

Johnson, Keshawn                             320                     Head Womens Basketball Coach

Kiedrowski, Lissa                                264                     Senior Office Assistant II – ISP

Kloft, Mackenzie                                 330                     Assistant Athletic Trainer

Koeller, Scott                                      315                     Recruitment Assistant

Leonhardt, Rick                                  258                     Business Instructor

Lerch, Dr. Derek                                 321                     Vice President - Instruction/CIO 

Lindsey, Shawna                                230                     Payroll Officer

Lombardi, Dr. Will                               227                     English Instructor

Lombardo, Venice                              236                     Senior Library Assistant

Lowry, Rayen                                     271                     Bookstore Manager

Lujan, Juanita                                     257                     Human Resources Technician

Lusty, Michelle                                   357                     Human Resources Assistant

Maffei, Nick                                        312                     Digital Marketing Manager        

McCarthy, Carlie                                 273                     Vice President – Student Services/CSSO

McCarthy, Greg                                  288                     Program Coordinator - Articulation

McKenzie, William                           277/329                  Student Life and Engagement Specialist/Assistant Football Coach

Molina, Kelly                                       338                     Preschool Teacher

Moore, Nancy                                     328                     Nursing Instructor

Morris, Megan                                    289                     Accountant

Murphy, Julie                                      247                     Program Staff Specialist II-DSPS/WorkAbility III

Nestman, Amoreena                           246                     MIS Specialist - Programmer Analyst

Noia, Lisa                                           214                     Academic Scheduler

Nunez, Juan                                       330                     Athletic Trainer

Nunn, Casey                                      281                     Lead Preschool Teacher

Oertle, Darlene                                   235                     Allied Health Director - Nursing

Ogle, Billy                                          221                     Director – TRiO / SSS

Olivera, Joshua                                  240                     Art Instructor    

O’Reilly, Brendan                               276                     Upward Bound Advisor

Petroelje, Michelle                              316                     Director – Student Equity & Achievement

Pilgrim, Alyia                                         298                       Financial Aid Specialist

Pinjala, Ravi                                       204                     MIS Specialist – Database Administrator

Potter, Monica                                    354                     Counselor – EOPS / CARE

Presta, Natalie                           (775)-404-5536             Director of Information Systems (I)

Reid, Russell                                      260                     Equine Studies Instructor

Reilley, Jachin                                    404                     Software Support Specialist

Rennie, Jan                                        322                     Director - ETS

Rick, Randy                                       278                     Head Mens Basketball Coach/ Faculty HES

Riley, Cathy                                       291                     Admissions and Records Technician/CalWORKs Coordinator

Ritchie, Sarah                                    414                     Head Volleyball Coach/ Dorm Manager

Rusky, Merle                                      311                     Early Childhood Education / Elementary Teacher Prep Coordinator

Ryback, Michelle                                290                     Accountant

SECURITY                                         259                     or  (530) 394-7503

Selby, Audrey                                     266                     Director – Upward Bound

Shipp, Carolyn                                    265                     Program Coordinator CTE

Smith, Dan                                         327                     SSS Advisor

Svilich, Stacey                                    244                     Student Success Specialist / History Instructor

Swarm, Darryl                                    211                     Library Director

Tanner, JP                                         402                     Agriculture Instructor / Division Chair

Thompson, Anna                                268                     Biology Instructor / Phi Theta Cappa Coordinator

Tracy, Bridget                                     308                     Environmental Studies - Earth Sciences Instructor

Trueblood, Merle                                295                     Director of Athletic Operations & Events

Trutna, Dr. Kevin                                232                     Superintendent / President

Turk, Tess                                          306                     Head Rodeo Coach

Turner, Morgan                                  270                     Director of Fiscal Services/CBO (I)

VanCleve, Terrea                               200                     Senior Office Assistant I-Switchboard / Print Center

Warndorf, Tony                                  323                     Maintenance Specialist III

West, Amanda                                    313                     Program Staff Specialist II

Westmoreland, Danielle                      263                     Assistive Technology Specialist

Whaley, Sean                                     237                     Director of Institutional Research                       



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