Description of Classes

Agriculture Business

AGAB 110 - Introduction to Agriculture Business - 3 units

This class is a survey and basic understanding of the business and economics of the agriculture industry. It is an introduction to the economic aspects of agriculture and their implications to the agricultural producer, consumer and the food system. The management principles encountered in the day to day operation of an agricultural enterprise are stressed as they relate to the decision making process.

AGAB 112 - Agricultural Sales and Communication - 3 units

This course involves the study of principles of the selling process: selling strategies and approaches, why and how people buy, prospecting, and customer service. Self-management, communication, and interpersonal skills necessary in developing leadership qualities, and facilitating teamwork within the agribusiness sector will be explored.  Students will gain experience through role-play and formal sales presentations.

AGAB 124 - Agriculture Economics - 3 units

The place of agriculture and farming in the economic system; basic economic concepts, and problems of agriculture; pricing and marketing problems, factors of production; and state of federal farm programs affecting the farmer's economic position.

AGAB 150 - Agriculture Computer Applications - 3 units

Computer use in the workplace with emphasis on agribusiness situations. Computer applications including word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation managers will be covered. Also included will be instruction on accessing information through the Internet and World Wide Web, telecommunications, an introduction to web page design and other software applications appropriate to agribusiness.

AGAB 188 - Farm Management - 3 units

This course involves the organization and operation of farm and ranch businesses, identification of factors affecting profitability. Evaluation of the business for increased efficiency, profit and the application of budgeting to laboratory farm/ranch and independent analysis of a ranch /farm.

Animal Science

AGAS 120 - Introduction to Animal Science - 3 units

This course is a survey of the livestock industry, supply of animal products, and their uses in animal production. There is a special emphasis on the origin, characteristics, adaptation, and contributions of farm animals to the agriculture industry. The student will analyze the economic and environmental roles of animal production and companionship to society.

AGAS 125 - Animal Feeds and Nutrition - 3 units

The science of animal nutrition; the fundamentals of digestion and absorption in both ruminants and non-ruminants are discussed. The nutritive value of feeds as they relate to the formulation of livestock rations will be emphasized including by-product feeding.

AGAS 170 - Elements of Beef Science - 3 units

Study of the principles and practices of purebred and commercial beef cattle production throughout the World, United States and California; emphasis on the importance of breeds, breeding principles, selection, nutrition, environmental management, health, marketing and record keeping to ensure scientifically based management decisions and consumer product acceptance as applied to beef cattle.

Mechanized Agriculture

AGMA 84 - Ranch Operations: Fencing and Irrigation - 3 units

General introduction into irrigation and fencing principles: plant, soil, and water relationships; soil moisture sensing devices; delivery systems; design of drip, sprinkler, and surface irrigation systems, and use of chemigation. The class will also provide general knowledge into the fencing industry, including supplies, design, materials, and differing types of fencing.

AGMA 108 - Tractor Operation - 3 units

This course involves design principles, selection, maintenance, adjustment, and safe operation of wheel and track type tractors used in agriculture and in the construction industry.

AGMA 140 - Beginning Agriculture Metal Fabrication - 3 units

This course is designed to provide basic shop and job site fundamentals of welding; to allow students to design and apply arc and mig welding techniques as well as acetylene cutting in the field

AGMA 146 - Introductory Ag. Structural Technology - 3 units

This is an introductory course in planning and designing various types of farm buildings necessary for agricultural enterprises. Characteristics, types, fabrication techniques and costs of construction materials used in farm buildings will be studied. A practical course in building metal, wood or composite frame buildings from planning to finish is included.

AGMA 160 - Introduction to Mechanized Agriculture - 3 units

This course involves basic mechanical skills in woodworking, cold metal, electricity, plumbing, concrete, and project construction skills as related to farm maintenance and repair. Hand and power tool use skills will be developed. Safety practices for all mechanical areas will be covered.

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