Sustainability Education

Feather River College offers many semester-long and weekend-based short courses available to current students, community members, and anyone who wants to learn about their environment and sustainability. The Environmental Studies department is home to much of our sustainability curriculum. This program offers A.S. degrees, certificates, and courses that are open to all those interested in pursuing their lifelong educational journey.

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Farm Tour

Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems - Spring 2019

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Introduction to local and global food systems, and their ecological, economic and social sustainability. Includes an exploration of Plumas County’s local food and farming movement, and an introduction to the basics concepts of farm design and management. Labs include field days to local farms, gardens, and community-based food projects.

Sturgeon in Hatchery Ponds

Wildlife Diversity and Field Techniques - Spring 2019

An applied course including field identification and natural history of vertebrate wildlife as well as field techniques used in wildlife research and management.