The Sustainability Action Team is a shared governance committee with representation from all areas of the campus community. Currently, the committee includes: two full-time and one part-time faculty members, two classified staff members, the Superintendent/President, the Chief Instructional Officer, one member of the community, the Director of Facilities or a representative of the facilities department, and one student.

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Sustainability Action Team, 2018-19

Dr. Darla DeRuiter; Faculty, Environmental Studies & Outdoor Recreation Leadership - Committee Chair

Bridget Tracy; Faculty, Environmental Studies & Earth Science

Dr. Adam Fuller; Faculty, Environmental Studies & Hatchery Manager

Dr. Kevin Trutna; Superintendent/President

Dr. Derek Lerch; Chief Instructional Officer

Megan Morris; Administrative Assistant/Facilities Department

Nick Boyd; Director of Facilities

Kelby Gardiner; USFS - Community Representative

Liz Ramsey; Student Representative