"As a sophomore here at FRC, this was my 1st year being involved in the TRIO progam and I am very disappointed I didn't join sooner. This past year in this program has helped tremendously as a student (and athlete) in so many different ways. There was a huge variety of support that truly helped me accomplish my goals. Overall, my experience with the TRIO program was stupendous and I would suggest it to every student that can qualify for it."

"I came to Feather River College without knowing anyone and by attending the events and workshops I slowly began to meet new people and felt more comfortable overtime being away from home after making new friendships. Each workshop opened my mind to new ideas on how to be a better person and student. They really made me feel better leaving home and going to college as a first-generation student without any knowledge of what to expect or what to even do. TRIO basically made me feel like I had somewhere to go to when I needed help with something or if I had a question regarding anything. Everyone in TRIO is also very helpful and easy to reach, which makes it easier for college students to go and ask for help when we need to."

"The experiences I have had with TRIO have all been positive, uplifting, and extremely informational. Before I had been accepted into the program I was quite lost on how to plan for my future but meeting with the advisors and employees of TRIO have increased the likelihood of me not falling into a bad situation while I am at FRC and once I leave. The advisors are also extraordinarily encouraging, and I have felt nothing but comfort from the TRIO program. With all the programs and help TRIO provides, I know that I will become prepared for my future as a young adult and I would recommend it to anyone who qualifies"

"TRIO SSS has benefitted me tremendously because they have taught me many skills and strategies when approaching difficult situations. Also, they have helped me become a better student by giving me a place to study, get help when needed,  and provided food and snacks when I need to fuel before a big exam or test. The benefits and support I have been offered has been such a great help and I'm very appreciative of becoming a member. I would personally like to thank all the TRIO staff for their help and advice whenever I needed it and they are great people and have been so much help."

"TRIO has provided me with free tutoring, they have helped me do everything from getting color pictures printed for my painting class, being my source of calm when anxiety was getting the best of me, sharing resources during the really challenging transition to online courses due to COVID-19, to even reaching out during a time of loss. I could not be more fortunate to have the dedicated members of TRIO here for me that have made my journey back to school after 20 years successful. I would not have made it through the first semester without all the support I was given."

"TRiO has provided extremely beneficial support to me during my time attending FRC.
The workshops I have attended have provided me with very useful tips and knowledge I
did not have before. Having an academic advisor has also been extremely helpful, as
when I ever have a question or am unsure about something, he always has very good
advice and feedback for me. I never feel like I have to go through something alone, I
always have someone to turn to when I am stressed or have a question, and for that I am
very thankful."

"There are countless ways that TRiO- Student Support Services has helped me during my time at FRC. Every event and workshop benefited me towards becoming a more successful student. Meetings with advisors were always great because the staff helped keep me on track with schoolwork. They also helped in preparing me and all other students for whatever came next. TRiO always had snacks available in the office and had pizza available at certain workshops. TRiO is always good at understanding and being patient with each student's individual needs. The doors are always open, and I always felt comfortable coming in. The free resources such as internet access and free printing came in handy all the time because little stuff like that adds up. There were many times TRiO has helped me during my time here at FRC and will continue to do so with all the important information and amazing opportunities I took away from it."

"TRiO advisors know you on a personal level so it is very easy to reach out to them and get help when you need it quickly. They also remind you of things you need to do, like reminders to fill out the FAFSA, and other things of that nature so that you are successful in college. TRiO has taught me not only academic lessons on how to be successful, but also life lessons along the way like how to budget so that yuou are not spending money on unnecessary things as well as how to use a planner so you can stay organized and time efficient."

"I truly believe that my educational experience at Feather River College would have been much more of a struggle had it not been for the support and resources that I've received from TRiO, and the amazing TRiO staff... Working as a peer mentor has taught me a lot about myself, and I believe it's also helped me home leadership and communication skills that I will value for the rest of my life."