The Mental Health and Wellness Center has a strong commitment to keeping the information our clients share confidential.

Confidential information is kept securely at the Mental Health and Wellness Center. Beyond our own commitment to confidentiality, California and Federal law requires it. The laws state that counseling information must remain confidential and secure within the agency, except in certain rare situations (listed below), or unless a client indicates in writing that they wish the information to be communicated to specific persons outside the center.

Exceptions to Confidentiality:

Exceptions to confidentiality arise, but they are rare. These exception are designed to preserve health and safety.

They include:

  1. Cases of imminent physical or psychological danger to the client or another
  2. Cases of suspected child or elder abuse. Generally, only current abuse is reported. However, when there is an old pattern of abuse, it may be reported if there is a strong likelihood that it is continuing with identified minors.
  3. Extremely rare instances when a court subpoenas the Mental Health and Wellness Center records.

If we ever need to act on one of these exceptions, we will do so in a caring manner, and an attempt will be made to try and include the client in the process whenever possible.

Group Sessions:

Group and workshop participants are asked to promise to respect the privacy of others by not sharing information from or about group members with anyone else.

Mental Health and Wellness Center Support Staff:

All staff of the Mental Health and Wellness Center are held to the state and federal confidentiality laws. This includes not only the counselors, but all front office and support staff that are employed by the Mental Health and Wellness Center.