About Us

The Feather River Mental Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of services for students, including individual and group counseling, wellness activities and referral services. Clinicians are also available to provide consultation and educational outreaches for staff and faculty.

Students should expect to be able to discuss any concerns with their counselor, whether about the challenges they are facing or about the process of counseling itself. While the counselor will help the students to meet their goals, they might not tell a student exactly what to do. Rather, the counselor will work with the student to energize their strengths to help students make the best decisions and take action to improve their life.

Students should feel free to discuss any questions or doubts about the process whenever they arise. If doubts persist, the counselor will be glad to refer the student to another counselor off-campus. Counselors know that a good counseling relationship is a necessary condition of counseling and will be supportive if a referral to another counselor is most helpful for a student.

Counseling services at the Feather River College Mental Health and Wellness Center, like most college counseling centers, are generally short-term. If it appears that long-term services are appropriate, the counselor will assist the student in locating an off-campus provider.

To schedule an appointment for counseling services please feel free to stop by our office Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (August-May), or call us at 1-530-283-0202, ext. 205 or 234. Our office is closed during the months of June and July.