Information Services FAQs

There are a few reasons this can happen.

1. Cause: Your instructor has not allowed access to the course yet.

    Solution: Contact your instructor to see if they have made the course available to students.

2. Cause: You are not enrolled in the course.

    Solution: Contact Admissions & Records to find out how to enroll in the course.

3. Cause: You have not 'Starred' the course.


                   A) Login to Canvas using a web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer

                   B) On the left hand Main Menu click on 'Courses'

                   C) In the Slide-Out Menu click on 'All Courses'. You may need to scroll down to find the link.


                   D) Scroll through your courses until you find the one you are searching for and 'Star' it.


Funds can be added to your account in the Library or Admissions & Records.

You can either pay in cash and wait for the funds to be applied to your account, or purchase Print Fee Code.

Print Fee Code: a one-time use Code will be emailed to you. The email will contain instructions on how to use the code.

There is a minimum of $5 in cash for the print fee code.