The DSPS office is open to students from 8-4:30 Monday through Friday, though we prefer virtual appointments at this time. Please see staff contact information below, or call 530-283-0202 ext 255 to reach the office.

Disability Support Program for Students (DSPS)

The Disability Support Program for Students (DSPS) offers support to students with temporary or permanent disabilities. Our mission is to promote equal access to classes, programs, and facilities at Feather River College, thereby ensuring that students with disabilities have the opportunity to participate fully in the mainstream college educational experience. We are committed to the establishment of a positive learning environment that is achieved, in part, through the utilization of specialized services and academic accommodations designed to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. Our staff is dedicated to helping our students achieve the successful completion of their college goals.

A wide range of accommodations and services, along with a state-of-the-art High Tech Center, are available to eligible students.

To be eligible for services, a student must be enrolled at Feather River College and have a disability that can be verified. FRC students who are Department of Rehabilitation clients may qualify for additional services through the WorkAbility III program.

Please contact program staff for more information, or to arrange an appointment.

Program Contacts:

DSPS/WorkAbility III Director, Sarah Dimick
530-283-0202 Ext. 318

Assistive Technology Specialist, Danielle Westmoreland
530-283-0202 Ext. 263

Program Staff Specialist II, Julie Murphy
530-283-0202 Ext. 247

All staff can be reached during business hours via TextNow at 530-377-9290.

Program Staff Hours:

Sarah Dimick: On campus Monday through Friday 8-4:30.

Julie Murphy: On campus Monday/Thursday 10:30-4:30, and Tuesday 9-3; Friday 9-3 (virtual)

Danielle Westmoreland: On campus Monday through Wednesday 8-3