Apply for an On-Campus Job

The application process for on-campus jobs is as follows:

  • Download the Application for Student Employment and Class Schedule grid. Both are Word documents that can be completed electronically. For the Class Schedule, please highlight the areas you are not available to work. Once completed, the documents can be submitted any of the following ways:
    • Email to Amanda West at (an electronic signature is acceptable). Save the documents as Word or PDF files and then attach them to your email.
    • Deliver In person to the FRC Advising Center.
    • Send to Feather River College, Attn: Advising Center, 570 Golden Eagle Avenue, Quincy, CA 95971.
  • Applications are forwarded to the job supervisor. Supervisors contact the applicants for interviews and notify the student who is chosen for the job.
  • Once notified of being chosen for a job, it is the student's responsibility to contact Human Resources (530-283-0202, ext. 257) to obtain employment paperwork. The employment paperwork should be completed as soon as possible and submitted to Human Resources. Original ID eligibility documents such as Drivers License/ID, Social Security Card, Passport, or Birth Certificate will be required.
  • Once all paperwork has been received and approved, Humans Resources will provide a copy of the Student Employee Hire Form with an "Approved Start Date" to the student and job supervisor. 
  • Any work completed prior to the "Approved Start Date" will be considered voluntary and unpaid.