The Associates in Arts Degree may be obtained by completion of the required program (18 units) plus FRC general education requirement, plus sufficient electives to meet the 60-unit total. A minimum grade of “C” or better is required in all classes taken for the major. Students expecting to transfer to a four-year university are strongly advised to complete either the CSU Breadth or the IGETC requirements.
Internships are available to students in this degree program, including working with the County Board of Supervisors and other local government offices. Enrollment in BUS 171 is required for the internship.
Course Units

Core Requirements (6 units)

POL 101 American Government and Politics 3 units
POL 150 Introduction to Political Science 3 units
Total Core Requirements 6 units

Additional Requirements (minimum of 12 units from below; *recommended)

POL 140 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity* 3 units
POL 160 Globalization* 3 units
POL 180 Environmental Policy* 3 units
POL 130 Introduction to International Relations* 3 units
BUS 170 Internship Through Project Based Learning* 3 units
HIST 108 The United States to 1877 3 units
HIST 110 The United States Since 1877 3 units
Total Electives Requirements 12 units

Total Major Requirements

18 units

To earn an Political Science:

  1. Complete the core requirements as listed above.
  2. Complete FRC General Education (GE), CSU Breadth, or IGETC requirements.
  3. Complete electives so that major units, plus GE units, plus elective units total sixty (60) units of higher.