GEOL 102: Physical Geology

An introductory study of the phenomena shaping Earth. The modern theories about the origin of Earth, its internal structure and evolution through time. The types of rocks and formations. Geological time and plate tectonics, including seismicity, volcanism and evolution of continental and oceanic basins. Fall. 4 units.

GEOL 104: Historical Geology

History of the earth, covering early atmosphere, development of the earth’s structure, continents and oceans, evolution of life, and the interrelationship between geological and astronomical processes. Spring. 4 units.

GEOL 120: Introduction to Earth Science

An introduction to the essentials of Earth Science including the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and solar system. This course focuses on the interactions between physical and chemical systems of the Earth such as the tectonic cycle, rock cycle, hydrologic cycle, weather and climate, the formation of the earth the solar system, and geologic time. Spring 4 units.

GEOL 191: Geologic Field Trips: Volcanic Landscapes

This is a weekend, field-based course that will visit selected, local landscapes formed by volcanism. Occasional. Variable unit.

GEOL 291: Directed Study

A student may take advanced course work or complete a student designed project in Geology after having completed introductory courses. The topics, learning objectives, educational material(s), number of units to be awarded, and method of evaluation are determined in a written agreement between the instructor and the student before the student engages in the learning experience. A “Learning Contract for Directed Studies” must be completed by the student, approved by the instructor, and Chief Instructional Officer, and placed on file with the Office of Instruction. Occasional. Variable unit.

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