FRC Associate Faculty

Crystal Anderson

Instructional Assistant/AGEQ Instructor

Marco Aragon

Assistant Softball Coach/COLL Instructor

Meredith Aragon

Head Softball Coach/HES Instructor

Gretchen Baumgartner

Director of Admissions and Records/Registrar

James Boffenmyer

Associate Faculty - MATH

James Bogand

Associate Faculty - MATH

Jason Damron

ART Instructor, President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Adam Fuller

Instructor/Instructional Assistant/ENVR/Hatchery

Caitlin Gannon

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Jason Gay

Assistant Baseball Coach/HES Instructor

Jamel Hamler

Assistant Football Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Jermaine Hill

Assistant Basketball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Chuck James

ANTH Instructor, VP President, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Tanner Johns

Music Instructor-Online

Andrew Lavin

PHIL Online Instructor

Michael Meyerhoffer

AG Welding Instructor

Juan Nunez

Athletic Trainer/HES Instructor

Jace Puckett

Assistant Baseball Coach/COLL Instructor

Jose Rico

MATH Instructor for ISP

Sarah Ritchie

Head Volleyball Coach/Residence Hall Manager/HES Instructor

Shauna Schultz

HES/HLTH Instructor

Lowell Siwhundhla

NCA Instructor, Secretary/Treasurer, AFT/CFT Local #4615 Part-time Unit

Andy Sparano

Assistant Football Coach/HES Instructor

Merle Trueblood

Director of Athletics Operations and Events/HES Instructor

Tara Usko

Assistant Volleyball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor

Mitchell Walterson

MATH Instructor

Anthony Warndorf

Maintenance Specialist III/HES Instructor

Stacie Witt

Assistant Volleyball Coach/COLL & HES Instructor