Priority Registration Dates for Fall 2020:

Oct 26, 27, 28 – Fully matriculated students who are: CalWORKS, CARE, EOPS, DSP&S, foster youth, active military or a veteran

Oct 29, 30, 31 – Fully matriculated TRiO students

Nov 1  – Fully matriculated new and continuing students in good academic standing (see below)

  • To be considered fully matriculated, students must have completed assessmentorientation and met with an advisor/counselor to develop a student education plan (SEP).
  • To be in good academic standing students must not be on Probation 2 or Academic Dismissal.
  • Students who have completed more than 100 academic units are not eligible for priority registration.

Nov 16 – Open enrollment for non-matriculated students, continuing students not in good standing, continuing students with 100 or more units, and high school special admit (co-enrolled) students.

For questions regarding priority registration call: 530-283-0202 ext. 313 or 215, email:, or visit:

All holds (library, parking citations, etc.) must be cleared and outstanding balances must be paid by October 21, 2019 or a hold will be placed on your student account blocking you from enrolling in Spring 2020 courses.You may pay outstanding balances through your student portal (MyFRC) or in Student Accounts located in the Admissions & Records Office.

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