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Feather River College uses software called "Moodle" to manage most online courses, and courses that are taught partly on campus and partly online.  Moodle is one the most popular Learning Management Systems in the world with nearly 72 million users in 235 countries.   

Go to: The FRC Moodle Site

Moodle Help

There are many help files and links to documentation within Moodle and a Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses most common questions and problems. There is also a Help Desk feature you can use to submit questions or report problems. You will usually get a response within 24 hours, even on weekends and evenings.

Joining a Moodle Course

To join a course in the FRC Moodle site, create an account in the FRC Moodle site first, then get an "enrollment key" from your instructor which will allow you to get into your particular course area. See the help files at: Moodle Accounts and Enrollment if you have problems creating an account or getting an enrollment key. If you lose your password or username, use the "Forgot Password" feature under the login box.  If you have any difficulties using it, there are instructions in the FAQ on the upper left of the Moodle site about this feature.

You must use an FRC email account in Moodle and to effectively communicate with your instructors and the college in general.

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