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FRC Distance Education

How to Contact Your Instructor

Things to Consider about Online Courses

Instructions for Moodle in Acrobat format.

FRC Online Websites

NOT ALL COURSES LISTED ONLINE ARE FULLY ONLINE COURSES. Check the FRC course schedule to verify how the courses are being delivered.

Many instructors who teach on-campus classes use online course areas to distribute material, conduct online discussions, and provide flexible tools for students and the instructor to communicate with each other.

A number of FRC instructors teaching classroom as well as distance education courses are using the popular Course Management Program called "Moodle." Go to Moodle Sites for links to the sites. We are transitioning from an older to newer version of Moodle. Most instructors are using the new version, but check with your instructor to make sure which site you should enter. There is only one course area per course, so if you don't see your course on one site, check the other one.


  • If you register for a Distance Education course, contact your instructor by email as soon as possible to verify that you can communicate by email, and to receive any initial instructions that your instructor might have.
  • If you are on campus as part of your learning experience, you are encouraged to use your free email account at FRC. Online email accounts from Yahoo, hotmail, and MSN are not accessible from most computer labs on campus due to security restrictions.