Moodle/Distance Education

Feather River College offers a variety of online courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.  You can find fully online courses by using our course search tool, or by visiting our online course area (we call it our "Moodle" site after the software it uses) at 

To use our course search tool, first select a semester, then make your other search selections including the selection "online" in the "Session" menu. You can also look for courses identified as online in our printed schedule.

To find courses on Moodle, go to the FRC Moodle home page and click on one of the subject areas in the middle of the page such as English or Anthropology. Look for the courses identified as being offered in the current semester.  Make a note of the course name, number, and instructor and return to our main campus site and the MyFRC area to register for the course (the link is at the top of all pages).  If you are new to FRC, you'll need to complete the application process first.

FRC also offers many "hybrid" courses, courses that are taught partially on campus and partially online.  These courses are not identified as "online" in the online or printed schedule. Check our Moodle site for hybrid as well as online courses. 

There are no differences between most on campus and online courses in basic content, cost, or the requirements that courses fulfill.  The exceptions may be lab courses that are fully online.  Check with your advisor to make sure online or hybrid lab courses will be fully transferable to the school of your choice.  


  • If you register for a Distance Education course, contact your instructor by email as soon as possible to verify that you can communicate by email, and to receive initial information about joining your online course.
  • It is highly recommended that all students use their free FRC email account.  Email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google may not be accessible on all campus computers due to security restrictions, your messages may be filtered as spam by the college or your instructor's internet service, and you won't receive important messages from the college.

WARNING: Online courses may require more regular weekly assignments and a more consistent time commitment than on campus courses.  The advantage is that you have more flexibility in the time of day and usually which day you complete your work.  You will also need to have a reliable computer, an internet connection, and basic computer skills.  Use the link on the left of this page to "Taking Online Courses" to find out more about the skills and commitment necessary for success in online courses.