Spring 2014 Booklist
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Regular Store Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 9 am-3:30 pm
Friday, 10 am-1 pm

Rush Hours:
Additional evening hours the first
week of classes as needed

Feather River College Bookstore
570 Golden Eagle Avenue
Quincy, CA 95971

1-800-442-9799, ext 271
(530) 283-0202, ext. 271
(530) 283-9609 FAX


Clothing and Goods

The FRC Bookstore sells clothing, hats, mugs, stuffed animals, small gift items, and school supplies. To purchase items from the Bookstore, visit the campus or contact the Bookstore by phone or e-mail.


Return Policy

Original cash register receipt is required for all returns/exchanges. All merchandise returns must be in original condition.

Returning Textbooks

Textbooks can be returned by the end of the second week of classes for a full refund IF you present your cash register receipt and present your schedule showing the class has been dropped. 

New textbooks must not have any bent or torn pages, marks, writing, highlighting, or other damage.

Textbooks cannot be returned if shrink wrap has been removed.

Textbooks and merchandise purchased with a check may be subject to a three week waiting period. Charge card purchases will be credited back to the credit card only.

There is a $10 charge on all returned checks.

Textbook Buyback

What is Buyback?
Buyback is a service provided by the FRC Bookstore to allow students to sell their unwanted books and provide more used books for sale to students the following semester.  The Bookstore cannot guarantee the buyback of any book.

How much do I get?
If your book is needed by the FRC Bookstore for the upcoming semester and the book is in resalable condition, you will be offered one half of the price you paid for the book.

What about my other books?
Books not needed by the FRC Bookstore may still have value between 10%-30% of the original price. These books will be sent off campus for resale nationally. 

What factors determine the price I get for my books?
Faculty members determine our need for books. Condition, edition, quantity, and resalability are also considered for Buyback. Textbooks are a finite commodity; with new information coming all the time, books are revised frequently (2-3 year cycle). If your book is revised, often an offer will not be made for these titles.

When can I sell my books?
Book Buyback is during finals week only of the Spring and Fall semesters.

What do I need to sell my books?
You will need your original cash register receipt to sell your books to the FRC Bookstore. Any books received from a campus program on loan must be returned to that program, not the FRC Bookstore.

Feather River College Bookstore
570 Golden Eagle Avenue
Quincy, CA 95971

530-283-0202, ext. 271