About ISP

Our Vision:

Feather College’s Incarcerated Student Program contemplates a world where it is possible for every individual to leave a life scarred by crime or misjudgment and return to society as a proud and useful contributor or, if not returned to freedom, to contribute in a positive way to the lives of those met behind prison walls.

Feather River College allows students at various correctional facilities throughout California to earn a college degree through its Incarcerated Student Program (ISP). Although most instruction is provided through correspondence, many instructors do provide instruction to their students in the prison at some point during a course. The course content is the same as the content of courses offered by Feather River College on campus and online.

Degrees of Freedom

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The latest innovation of ISP is the Instructional Video Project. Besides providing students with an enhanced learning experience, the students will benefit from becoming familiar with each instructor's distinct style of instruction and expectations through video recordings of lectures that will cover the course modules. Instructors will either be recorded while lecturing, create a PowerPoint presentation with inserted instructional video clips, or create a face-to-face tutorial. Using 21st Century technology based teaching methodologies will help engage visual and audio learners and improve student retention of knowledge.

Instructors will follow the ISP Video Project Guide, Click Here, which will help them create enriched presentations based on their course modules.

Click here for a brochure about the project.

Click here for a link to our Light Dawns prison campus television series commercial.

For questions about the ISP Instructional Video Pilot Project, including the steps involved, please do not hesitate to contact us. This project is made possible under the vision and direction of the ISP Director Dr. Joan Parkin at jparkin@frc.edu, ext. 252.

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