The FRC Bookstore is located to the right of the main administrative building. It also houses a full-service Post Office and mailboxes for students. Besides textbooks, you can purchase online access codes, school supplies, snacks, drinks, clothing, gifts, and more.

Spring 2020

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Campus is currently closed.

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BUS 100 Intro to Business
BUS 102 Financial Accounting
BUS 108 Principles of Economics/ Micro
BUS 130 Small Bus. Mgmt.
BUS 140 Marketing
ENVR 250 Intro to Aquaculture
HES 100/ HLTH 100 Principles of Healthful Living
HES 170/ HLTH 170 Intro Nutrition
HIST 400 The American West
POL 101 Govt and Politics US with Katie Desmond
POL 140/ SOC 140 Intro to Race & Ethnicity
POL 150 Intro to Political Science
PSY 102 Introductory Psychology with Kathleen King
SOC 102 Intro to Sociology

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Fall 2020 Booklist:


Rayen Lowry, Bookstore Manager, Ext. 271