Summer & Fall 2022 Textbook Orders

Hello Faculty and Associate Faculty,

It’s time to start planning your textbook orders for the next semester. Please contact me now if you need help researching titles, publishers, editions, price options, etc. Orders for textbooks, online access codes and class supplies are due on Friday April 22nd, 2022.

All instructors must complete one Textbook Adoption Form for each class. If you do not plan to order through the Bookstore, then please indicate “0” under Total Number of Books Needed. Please use the Textbook Adoption Form, or you can use a spreadsheet for multiple classes. Or use whatever works best for you to submit all of the required information on time. Thank you in advance.


Textbook Adoption Form

Please place your textbook orders online by following this weblink:

FRC Website> Academics> Forms> Textbook Adoption Form


Textbook Vouchers

Students receiving financial aid assistance account for a large volume of the sales through FRC Bookstore. There are several programs on campus to help with costs of textbooks and school supplies, including: EOPS, Equity/SSSP, CalWorks, Workability and Burton.

When a student is approved for a program, then the student can shop with their voucher at the FRC Bookstore only. By submitting your Textbook Adoption Form on-time, you are helping this population and all students to be better prepared so they can find their required materials on the shelves by the beginning of the semester.


Previous Booklists

 If you submitted a Textbook Adoption Form last semester/year, you should have received a copy in your email. You can reference that if you are using the same book, or you can ask me for a copy of what you previously submitted.

Spring Textbook Orders are due in November. Summer and Fall Textbook Orders are due in May.


Bookstore Contact

Bookstore & Post Office Manager: Rayen Lowry


Phone:   530-283-0202 ext 271


Bookstore Website

Includes the most recent information about: Textbook Return Policy, Used Textbook Buyback and Vital Source e-Textbook Website for Bookshelf App, etc.


This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.