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Counseling/Advising Services


Academic Counseling/Advising

Assist students with educational planning, guidance in selecting a major, and provide certificate, associate degree and transfer preparation; conduct transcript evaluation and degree audits, provide graduation information, and assist with application to four-year colleges and universities.

Career/Vocational Counseling/Advising

Assist students in developing career goals based upon assessment of their interests, abilities and values. Resources available at FRC include:

  • COLL 110:  A Career Preparation class
  • CWEE 010-220:  Work Experience
  • The Career/Transfer Center

Personal and Crisis Counseling/Advising

Assist students with personal or other issues that may impact their educational progress; referrals are made, as appropriate, to campus and community resources.

Academic Support

Provide strategies for students to effectively deal with low grades, academic probation, and dismissal appeals; make referrals to support services; follow up with student referred to Early Alert.

Athletic Counseling/Advising

Provide information regarding eligibility requirements, fast tract programs, and transfer to four-year college division structure.