"Through TRiO I am able to study in an inviting and warm environment with many different resources" -Haley Housel

  "Always having a place to go get help adjusting class schedules, planning out next
   year, and even printing off p
apers for free has helped me so much in my first year
   here." -Tucker Weaver


"There are always leaders or peer mentors in the TRiO center that are available to help me with whatever I need and to offer me advice when I feel like I'm stuck. TRiO has been one of the most beneficial organizations on campus and they've helped me start to achieve my goals." -Tirian Shirley


  "I truly believe that my educational experience at Feather River College would have
   been much more of a struggle ha
it not been for the support and resources that
   I've received from TRiO, and the amazing TRiO staff... Working as a peer mentor has
   taught me a lot about myself, and I believe it's also helped me home leadership and
ication skills that I will value for the rest of my life." -Bethany Hammons