College Tour 2016

September 15, 2016

After an intensive four weeks of study on the Feather River College campus, the twelve Upward Bound students who had the best attendance were given the opportunity to attend the most exciting event of the summer: the College Tour! This year the students were taken to four colleges including UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, Saint Mary’s College, and Napa Valley Community College. Along the way, these students had a blast at the California Academy of Sciences, learned about a career as a naturalist while exploring Redwood Regional park, got a taste of dorm life at UC Berkeley, learned how to travel the Bay Area via BART, and had the chance to try foods rarely available in Plumas County such as Mediterranean and Vietnamese cuisines. Students were taken on extensive campus tours by incredibly knowledgeable tour guides that informed students about college services and information, giving students a multifaceted view of college life.

                The College Tour provides perhaps the only opportunity many students will have to visit a multitude of prospective colleges. It is an essential experience for Upward Bound students because it helps them make an informed decision about their future.

                Upward Bound will resume weekly lunch meetings and tutoring at Chester, Greenville, Quincy and Portola high schools beginning the week of September 5th.  For more information about Upward Bound or to download an application for your high school student, visit the Upward Bound website at or call the UB office at 283-0202 ext. 276.