Butte College Field Trip

May 27, 2016

Ten students from Plumas County participated in an Upward Bound field trip to Butte College in early May. Raina, a previous Upward Bound participant from Portola, gave them an insider’s view of the college and covered topics such as local job and housing opportunities. She also showed the students Butte’s horticulture center, known as “the secret garden.” This beautiful oasis boasts a variety of vegetables and flowers that are cultivated on campus and sold to the local community to raise funds for the Horticulture Club. Raina shared her experiences with general education classes at Butte, the Nursing program she started out in, and her current career goals in the Psychology Department. According to her, Butte offers strong sports programs and many talented professors who teach at both Butte and Chico State.  

Students then visited nearby Chico, enjoying a BBQ lunch and people-watching amidst the active college population. Field trips such as this provide Upward Bound participants with the opportunity to visit colleges and discover whether the campus, community, and degree programs are a match for them. Upward Bound Advisors then work with participants to achieve their college and career goals by researching and developing plans for financial aid, college admissions, and postsecondary degrees. If you or a high school student you know would like to apply to Upward Bound you can contact us at 530.283.0202 x266 or find the application online at www.frc.edu/upwardbound.