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GED Prep
General Study Skills
Memory & Test Taking
Note Taking
Self Assessment
Stress Management
Time Management
Writing Lab


Are you feeling overwhelmed or unprepared?

Do you suffer from math phobia?

Are you experiencing writer's block?

Do you need some good help with an assignment?

You have company!
Fifty to seventy-five percent of all college students need extra preparation or help with assignments and papers.


The Learning Center (LC) offers assistance to students by providing a congenial environment for learning how to think and write, chiefly through one-on-one instruction or group tutoring in all disciplines.   

As a student at Feather River College, you can bring in your rough draft research papers, and a LC staff member will offer suggestions for improving your writing by pointing out weak areas and explaining the corrections, so that eventually you can become your own editor.  Remember, to be a good writer, you must actually write, learning the processes involved in successive stages from original draft to completed work.

Available to students:
Dictionaries and thesauruses
Textbooks for additional topic information
Writing manuals

Handouts in time management, note taking, and exam preparation

General Study Skills

Study Skills Self Help Information
Study Guides for testing, reading, writing, and classroom participation
Mind Tools - general tips for study
Study Skills Help Page MTSU
Academic Assistance Access- tutoring over the web
Check out this great link to St. Thomas University Study Guides



Reading tips for textbooks, what and how
Marking Your Text- how to's
REMEMBERING WHAT YOU READ- memory strategies


Memory and Test Taking

Learning Styles-brain hemisphere dominance
Memory-games to practice techniques
Memory improvement tips- how to remember 10 or 20 things
Memory tips
The Study Hall Free Memory Improvement Tips
Study Skills Essay Tests-checklist for studying
How to study for math, science, essay, t or f, other exams
Predict test Qs from notes

Time Management

Study Schedule- printable and usable
Time Management-self evaluation and using planners
Evaluate procrastination style- a survey
PROCRASTINATION- seven day plan



General Math Study Tips
Math Test Preparation Tips
Math Test Taking Tips


Self Assessment

Study Skills Survey
Learning Styles Assessment
Is a web-based class for you?
Keirsey Personality Assessment


GED Prep

How to Survive the GED


Writing Lab

Writing Lab Info
Art Compare & Contrast
How To Write a Book Review
How To Write A Research Paper





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