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Mathematical Visualization Toolkit

This site has a variety of visual and calculation tools. Plot functioins, vectors, solve linear equations, and more.. From University of Colorado, Boulder math department. Use the help files at the top to get started.

College Level Algebra Tutorials from Texas A&M University

Wow! 59 Tutorials on College Level Algebra with practice tests! It includes everything from Long Division to solving Non-Linear Equations.

Identify the Fraction

This program is a visual aid to learning and understanding simple fractions.

Seeing Common Denominators

This is a visual aid for learning about common denominators.

Fractions and Percents

Fill in the numerator and denominator and see a pie chart and percent.

Finding Prime Factors

This program uses an animated tree diagram to demonstrate how to find prime factors.

Solving Simple Equations

Use a balance scale to see how to solve a simple algebraic equation.

Solving Simple Equations with Negative Numbers

Same as above but using negative numbers in the equations

Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle

Drag triangles and boxes to fill figures, demonstrating the pythagorean theorem.


See the effects on a graphic of applying translation, rotation, and reflection

Polygon Fractals

Watch different patterns form when you change the parameters for polygon fractals.

Platonic Solids

Learn basic platonic solids by being able to shrink, rotate, and change their color. See them as wire diagrams or solids.

Dual Platonic Solids

See a Platonic solid drawn within another Platonic solid. Choose the Platonic solids as solid or wire diagrams, rotate them, and expand/contract them.

Loan Calculator

Change values in a loan calculator and see a graph of the effects on payment of the loan.