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The Matriculation Process

"Research has shown that students who follow matriculation procedures
are more successful in completing educational objectives."

Matriculation: Steps To Student Success

Matriculation is a process designed to promote student success by providing a step-by-step approch to the achievement of goals. Feather River College offers a wide range of Matriculation Services to all students, including the development of a Student Education Plan (SEP) which maps out the courses and sequence required for the student to meet their goal.

A matriculating student is one that is enrolling for six or more units, and/or is pursuing a degree or certificate, and/or plans to take English or Math classes. Following the matriculation process is highly recommended but it is not mandatory. FRC's matriculation process includes the following steps:

Exemptions From The Matriculation Process

Students who have completed an associate or higher degree or are enrolled only in contract instuction classes, are able to excempt themselves from the Orientation, Assessment and Counseling processes of Matriculation. In addition, students may be excempt from Assessment/Placement Testing requirements if they:

- Provide test scores that comply with college adopted equivalencies, or

- Enroll only in courses that have no skill level prerequisites, or

- Have undergone extensive assessment through another Board of Trustees approved agency, or

- Have completed course work at antoher college with a minimum "C" grade providing evidence of skills in language, reading and mathematics; or

- Have a signed matriculation waiver form on file.

Students who are planning to pursue exemption status for any or all of the above mentioned matriculation components must:

- Have a signed waiver on file in the Admissions and Records Office

- Update their status each semester on the Registratiion Application

- Be able to prove they are not a safety concern for the class members or themselves