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Honors Program

The Feather River College Honors Program offers students new challenges and learning experiences. The program is built on a core of the team-taught inter-disciplinary courses which engage interesting concepts and topics. Courses intersect the areas of history, literature, social sciences, economics, anthropology, science, gender studies and cultural studies as they explore the relation among the world, ideas and ourselves. All courses are accepted for FRC GED requirements for the Associate in Arts degree. Courses are currently undergoing articulation for transfer credit to both CSU and UC systems.

Benefits of the Honors Program
The Honors Program gives academically talented students an opportunity to work at a level more intense and more focused than the regular classroom environment. Two faculty members in the classroom who alternately teach, discuss, debate and argue about the course readings creates a lively intellectual atmosphere. Honors courses stimulate critical, conceptual, and synthetic thinking skills. While courses are focused on a specific topic, the cross-disciplinary nature of the curriculum demands innovative thinking across normal disciplinary boundaries, synthesizing concepts and information in different ways, and defining and exploring various methods, approaches and paradigms. The Honors program also offers a benefit for those transferring to four-year schools: Not only will the Honors Program prepare you for undertaking upper level work at the university, but it also helps with shaping your admissions profile. The CSU system regards honors students favorably, and gives you increased likelihood of admission to a CSU Honors program on admission to the university. The UC system also takes honors program students under serious consideration.

Honors Community
Gaining admission to the Honors Program also makes you a part of the FRC Honors Community. Students in the Honors Program will have the opportunity to take part in local and out-of-town cultural events from picnics, potlucks, poetry slams, and colloquia to museum openings, theater outings, campus visits, and music events.

The Course of Studies
The complete Honors program consists of nine courses offered over a two year period. Once admitted to the program, you may take as few or as many courses as you please. Students who complete the full course of studies with a GPA of "B" or better will receive a "Graduate of Honors Program" notation on their diploma and transcripts. The eight courses which form the Honors Program at present are:

Hon 272: Classical Leadership
Hon 274: 20th Century History and Culture
Hon 276: Nature and Civilization
Hon 278: History of Economies
Hon 280: The Eighteenth Century
Hon 282: American Experience
Hon 284: History of Science and Scientific Thought
Hon 286: Gender and Society
Hon 288: Blues and American Folk Culture




  • GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Eligibility for, enrollment in, or satisfaction of, English 101 (with grade of 'B' or better).
  • In lieu of, or in addition to, grades (especially if grades are borderline), SAT scores of 550 or higher on each test (or combined of 1100), or ACT of 23 or higher.


  • Honors Program Application
  • 250 word essay explaining why student wishes to enter Honors Program.
  • Letters of recommendation: 2 letters for incoming Freshmen; 1 letter for college students:
  • An interview with the Honors Program Director

Other Considerations:

  • Students who are National Merit Scholar semi-finalists, or who meet the UC entrance requirements, or who have completed a recognized high school Honors Program are invited to enroll in the FRC Honors Program; 250 word essay and interview with Honors Director required.
  • Potential for future excellence is recognized as an important aspect of students' growth. A student who does not meet the above criteria may apply for admission by following certain criteria. Contact the Honors Program Director.

Continuation in Program

  • Continuation in program is assured by maintaining a 3.25 overall GPA.


For More Information:

Contact  Chris Connell, Honors Program Director, at 1-800-442-9799, ext 225 or by e-mail. You may also contact the Instruction Office at 1-800-442-9799, ext 242, or e-mail.