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Justina Anderson


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"My first semester at FRC, I did not intend to take any technology classes. I ended up taking the video production class just for fun to see whether or not I would enjoy it. I completely loved the video production class after my first couple assignments and changed my major to pursue a degree in media. That first semester I got hired by the school outreach department to make the virtual tour video that is on the FRC website. I continued to take ICT classes in web design, programming, and even game design. I was hired to be the computer lab assistant and have gained knowledge in IT work through the student worker job. I continue to make videos and take photos for the Outreach department at FRC and have gotten other video jobs in plumas county including a project for the Crisis Center that I was paid $1,000 to produce. After I graduate from FRC I plan on continuing my ICT degree and pursuing a career of video. The ICT program made me aware of talents and passions I would have never explored otherwise. The technology field is one of great interest for me now and I can say with confidence I know what I want to pursue for my career through what I have learned in the program."

-Justina Anderson


Trenton Norman

"When I first attended FRC the ICT program didn’t exist. The only I.T. based classes available were a small collection of electives that didn’t contribute to any degree offered. I took the electives anyways, as they were my passion and what I actually wanted to go to school for. In what was going to be my final semester the ICT program offered its first degree and, because of all of the electives I had taken, I was only a semester away from having a degree in web development with a focus on multimedia. The ICT program really taught me the value of attention to detail, no matter how small something may seem, and just how important following directions, paying attention, and being careful not to make careless mistakes really is. With the skills I learned in the ICT program, and with a recommendation from Nathan Tharp, I was able to get a summer internship with the I.T. department at FRC. Those experiences combined contributed to my obtaining of a job in the field of work I dreamt of being a part of shortly after graduating. I wouldn’t be doing what I love today without the FRC ICT program, Nathan Tharp, or the rest of the amazing staff and faculty at Feather River College."


-Trenton Norman

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