Articulation and Transfer Information

Articulation is a process of comparing courses within colleges and universities. Each institution makes sure that it’s course / requirement matches that of another college. When courses have been articulated between institutions it is easier for a student to transfer his/her units from one university to another.

An easy way for a student to check weather or not his/her units from a particular class can be transferred to a certain university is by going to an online student transfer information system called ASSIST.

Feather River College worked hard to not only articulate individual courses with other universities such as SAC, CHICO and UNR but also prepared programs and degrees that work along with universities’ degree options.

Below is a list of FRC programs offered that correspond with university degrees in CHICO, SAC and UNR.





A.S. Web Development        
Computer Science Concentration CSCI      
Computer Information Systems Concentration CIS      
Media Concentration Media Arts MIS, Digital Media Journalism  
A.S. Multimedia        
Communication Concentration        
Production Concentration Media Arts MIS, Digital Media    
Programming Concentration ACG   Gaming  
Art Concentration Electronic Arts      
A.S. Office Technology        
Multimedia Concentration Media Arts MIS, Digital Media    
Business Concentration CIS      
Office Technology Concentration