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  • Important Notes:  

  1. All documents are in fill-able portable document format (PDF). For best compatibility with completing forms, we suggest the use of Internet Explorer (IE). In order to access/view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Now!
  2. If you are planning to attend Feather River College, we can only discuss your financial aid account with YOU, the student. If you would like to authorize our office to speak with anyone else (including your spouse or parent) regarding your financial aid, we must have a current 2017-18 Student Information Release (FERPA) form on file. Note: this form is only valid for one academic year (July 1 to June 30) and must be completed each academic year that you want your information to be released. Be sure to complete the correct form depending on which academic year you attend
  3. If you are unsure what form(s) you need, please check your Financial Aid Status in the Student Portal (MyFRC).
  4. It is very important that you select the appropriate form(s) for the correct academic year as they are year specific. Also, please do not submit forms or documents that were not requested as it may delay processing.
Each form that requires a signature must be physically signed & dated to be valid. Electronic and/or digital signatures are not valid

If you have questions about your financial aid file and/or the forms you are required to submit, please contact our office.

2017-2018 (current) 2018-2019 (next year)

Fall 2017 (August - December 2017)
Spring 2018 (January - May 2018)
Summer 2018 (End of May - Begin August 2018)

Fall 2018 (August - December 2018)
Spring 2019 (January - May 2019)
Summer 2019 (End of May - Begin August 2019)

Postal Mail                    Feather River College
Financial Aid Office
570 Golden Eagle Ave.
Quincy, CA 95971
Facsimile (Fax) (530) 283-4659

*It is very important that you understand sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via email is not necessarily secure. The term "PII," refers to information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity, either alone or when combined with other personal or identifying information that is linked or linkable to a specific individual. For your security, DO NOT send/transmit ANY documents to our office via email which contain Personally Identifiable Information. Examples of PII that should not be sent via email include, but are not limited to:

  • · U.S. Individual Tax Return, Tax Return Transcripts/Tax Account Transcript, Social Security Card, Birth
      Certificate, Citizenship documents, Government issued ID card, U.S. Passport

Documents that do not contain PII can be sent to our office via email (, fax (530.283.4659) or by mail to: Feather River College, Financial Aid Office, 570 Golden Eagle Ave., Quincy, CA 95971

For your security, documents that contain Personally Identifiable Information should be sent to our office via fax (530.283.4659) or by mail to: Feather River College, Financial Aid Office, 570 Golden Eagle Ave., Quincy, CA 95971



Academic Year

Financial Aid Verification

(Only required IF selected for verification. Check Student Requirements on MyFRC)





Dependent V1 Standard Verification Worksheet PDF  
Dependent V2 SNAP Verification Worksheet PDF  
Dependent V3 Child Support Paid Worksheet PDF  
Dependent V4 Custom Verification Worksheet PDF  
Dependent V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet PDF  
Dependent V6 Household Resources Verification Worksheet PDF  
Dependent Low Earned Income Verification Worksheet PDF  
Verification of Parent's Marital Status and/or Tax Filing Status PDF  
Independent V1 Standard Verification Worksheet PDF  
Independent V2 SNAP Verification Worksheet PDF  
Independent V3 Child Support Paid Worksheet PDF  
Independent V4 Custom Verification Worksheet PDF  
Independent V5 Aggregate Verification Worksheet PDF  
Independent V6 Household Resources Verification Worksheet PDF  
Independent Low Earned Income Verification Worksheet PDF  
Verification of Student's Marital Status and/or Tax Filing Status PDF  

Other Information for Verification Purposes

Instructions for IRS Data Retrieval Tool / Requesting Tax Return Transcripts PDF
IRS Verification of Non-Filing Letter - Request Instructions & IRS Form (4506-T) PDF
2015 Tax Filing Requirements PDF
Tax Return Amendment Verification PDF  
Victims of IRS Tax-Related Identity Theft PDF  
Comment Code 399 Notice  PDF

California Dream Act Applicants



California Dream Act Terms & Conditions PDF  
CA Dream Act Dependent Verification Worksheet PDF  
CA Dream Act Independent Verification Worksheet PDF  

Student Loan Forms



*All initial Student Loan Request packets must be initiated through the Financial Aid Office. Student loan request packets can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office or, click the link to the right to email us a request. 

*Request Student Loan packet
Note: All first-time FRC loan borrowers must complete both Loan Entrance Counseling and Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note) at and include printed confirmation with their loan request. 
Direct Parent PLUS Loan Application

Parents interested in applying for the Parent PLUS Loan must complete the application online at If approved, the parent must also complete the Parent PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) & the Parent PLUS Loan Title IV Authorization form (approved parent's need to send an email to request).



Request to Cancel or Reduce Student Loan(s) (Subsidized & Unsubsidized) PDF  
Parent PLUS Loan Title IV Authorization  PDF  
Parent PLUS Additional Loan Request PDF  
Request to Cancel or Reduce Parent PLUS Loan PDF  
Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents PDF
Entrance Counseling Guide for Direct Loan Borrowers PDF
Exit Counseling Guide for Borrowers of Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). DO NOT USE UNLESS you borrowed student loans and you are graduating, leaving school, or dropping below half-time (6 units) enrollment.

California College Promise Grant

Formerly known as the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver

(Only if applicant WILL NOT fill out the F.A.F.S.A. or CA Dream Act Application)





California College Promise Grant Application (formerly BOG Fee Waiver)
(used for both CA Residents & AB 540)
California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver Appeal) PDF
Income Standards for California College Promise Grant-B  PDF  

Appeal Forms



Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 
Financial Aid Progress Report
(required if appeal submitted AFTER 11/03/2017 for Fall or 03/02/2018 for Spring)
Maximum Credit Appeal PDF
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal PDF

SAP Deadlines -
Fall 2017: 11/03/2017, Spring 2018: 04/06/2018, Summer 2018: 07/15/2018

Dependency Override Appeal PDF  
Dependency Override Renewal Request PDF  
Appeal Number of Units Used for Financial Aid Disbursement Contact Office

Appeal for Re-Evaluation of Income or Budget

Please be advised that re-evaluation of income or budget appeals are not reviewed prior to October 1, 2017 and typically take 2-4 weeks to process. Once the review is completed you will receive a revised financial aid notification via email.

Contact Office
Unusual Enrollment History Appeal PDF  
Unusual Enrollment History Notification PDF  

Summer Forms



Summer Aid Information & Financial Aid Request
(must complete to self-identify intent to enroll for summer)
Summer Student Loan Request & Guidelines  PDF  

Miscellaneous Forms



AB 540 and AB 2000 Affidavit (California Nonresident Tuition Exemption) PDF
Borrower Acknowledgement Statement PDF  
Cal Grant B Access Authorization PDF
Emancipated Minor or Legal Guardianship PDF  
Federal Debt Resolution Services Contact Info PDF
Financial Aid Progress Report PDF
High School Completion Status PDF  
Home School Verification  PDF  
Orphan, Ward of Court or Foster Care PDF  
Personal Statement PDF  
Selective Service Verification PDF
Student Information Release (FERPA) PDF  
Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Verification PDF  

Financial Planning Worksheets

Out of Pocket College Expenses - Use this worksheet to figure just how much money you should bring with you when you start college PDF
Spending Plan Worksheet - Use this worksheet to help budget your income and expenses.  PDF
Financial Aid Comparison Worksheet - This worksheet is designed to help you when applying for financial aid at more than one school.  Each school may offer you different forms of financial aid.  Use this worksheet to see which award package best suits your needs. PDF