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          Equine Studies Degree

Feather River College Equine Studies was approved as a two-year Associate Degree program by the
California Community College Chancellor's office in 1987. This unique program offers college-level
coursework to students who wish to become professionals in horse-related enterprises.


         Career Opportunities and Assistance

Students gain the skills needed for jobs such as horse trainers, stable/pack station managers,
wranglers for guest ranches and resorts, packers/guides/outfitters for hunting and fishing
expeditions, mining and construction companies, and a variety of public agencies such as the
U.S. Forest Service.

Other horse related job opportunities include:

  • Farm/ranch manager
  • Trainer
  • Stable manager/foreman
  • Riding instructor/coach
  • Veterinarian’s assistant
  • Stallion manager
  • Broodmare manager
  • Foaling crewman
  • Wrangler for pack operations
  • Stunt rider or double in movies
  • Horse-drawn or mounted-tour guide
  • Horse-show receptionist
  • Rodeo laborer
  • Packers/guides/outfitters for hunting and                          fishing expeditions
  • Stable superintendent
  • Mounted patrol
  • Race track manager
  • Fair or exposition manager


Courses combine balanced practical and scientific approaches to horsemanship and emphasize the business principles and skills necessary to successfully operate any horse enterprise. Among the topics specifically covered are:

Equine Studies Feather River College

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