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January 13
First Day of Fall Classes


January 20
Holiday: Martin Luthin King Day (Campus Closed)




Feb. 14-17


Holiday: President's Day and Washington's Birthday (Campus Closed)



Feb 28-March 1


AGEQ 226 Advanced Horsemanship with Nick Dowers


March 25
Flex Day: No Classes Held


April 3-4

AGEQ 115/116 Elements of Horse Training I & II


April 5-6
AGEQ 123: Introduction to Farrier Science with Gene Armstrong


April 14-18
Spring Break: No Classes Held




April 28

Day In The Mountains: New Student Registration Event




May 2,3,4


AGEQ 108/109/208 Pack Trip



May 17

16th Annual Feather River College Production Horse Sale



May 19-23
Final Exams




May 23



























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