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   Olena River

    Image courtesy of Debora Wattenburg 2006


Mr San Peppy


Peppy San Badger


Sugar Badger


Powder River Playboy


Freckles Playboy


Playboys Reward


Susie Reward

Olena River


Doc Bar

    Doc O’Lena  

Poco Lena


Margarita O Lena



Lightnin Bar Jr


Margarita Gold


Charles' June

  "River" is a registered Quarter Horse stallion who is bred exclusively to those mares owned by
   Feather River College.  His first crop of foals were born in 2003, trained by Feather River College

   students, and sold in 2006 at our annual Invitational Ranch Sale as well as the Sacramento Horse

   Expo and have gone to various new homes.  If you happen to own one of River's foals, we would

   love to receive updates and photos. 

River's Progeny

2003 Offspring

FRC Whisky Coe Olena (Olena River x Miss Irish Olena)

FRC Ms River Remedy (Olena River x Crystal Blue Remedy)

FRC San Tivio River (Olena River x Sans Dignity) 

FRC Jesse San Olena (Olena River x Ms Chocolate Ebony) 

FRC General Reward (Olena River x Voo Doo Mud) 

FRC Dignity Bar Lena (Olena River x Speed the Dignity) 

FRC Two Eyed Reward (Olena River x For Two Eyes Only) 

FRC Mr Dusky River (Olena River x A Spring Rain)  

FRC Hoo Doo River (Olena River x Jim Bar Jackie) 




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